The Marketing Collaborative | How We Think
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How We Think

A collaborative approach to problem solving.

At The Marketing Collaborative we believe good ideas can come from anyone, from the CEO to the receptionist. From the focus group to an interesting conversation with a sales rep. Though quantitative research is ideal, it can be an expensive, lengthy process. Instead, we gather valuable information in a short amount of time through focus groups, interviews, and online survey tools. We talk to key people in your organization–those who are closest to your “customer.” We talk to key decision-makers. And, ideally, we talk directly to your customers. In the end, the solution comes from them. The marketing ideas from us.

We believe that your marketing communications should be an ongoing dialogue with your customer. Although we do one-time projects, we are most effective when we become partners with you to plan your marketing strategy and create an engaged customer. Whether you’re a healthcare provider who needs to increase patient volumes, a non-profit organization that needs to respond to market trends, or a company that needs re-branding—we can provide you with the complete, integrated marketing services you need to grow your business.

Marketers are curious by nature. We are inquisitive. We ask questions that help us get to the heart of the situation. And we always uncover something that surprises us and often our clients.

Cathy Rubino Hines, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, The Marketing Collaborative LLC