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Post-pandemic healthcare marketing

How do you inspire trust and confidence in a diverse urban community?

United Helpers rebrand Part I

How do you inspire trust and confidence in a diverse urban community?

Whitney Young Health

How do you inspire trust and confidence in a diverse urban community?

Happy Anniversary to us!

Celebrating 15 years: How The Marketing Collaborative has grown, adapted, and stood the test of time.

The Commons on St. Anthony

How do you build a brand and fill beds for a newly renovated skilled nursing facility that needs a re-introduction to the community?


What We Do

There’s no other sector quite like healthcare. Surviving, thriving, and attracting new patients are continual challenges, particularly in recent years. Recruiting providers is yet another challenge. Which means you need a partner—and a team—with unique insight into your distinct challenges. The Marketing Collaborative has grown into an extraordinary practice that specializes in healthcare branding and communications. Founder Cathy Rubino Hines’ skill set checks all the boxes: strategic thinking, thorough research, one-on-one interviews with constituents, solid creative teams to execute, and seasoned media planners and buyers to take the message to market.


Our Approach

The Marketing Collaborative founder and principal Cathy Rubino Hines is a healthcare marketing consultant who understands the often stressful and uncertain nature of healthcare systems including hospitals, senior living facilities, and community health centers. Planning to launch a product or service to the healthcare industry? Cathy can step right into your most needed role. Plan your marketing strategy. Look at your media mix and digital program. Help you navigate a crisis. Dig into what’s working. And what’s not. Cathy can help you stabilize a vital part of your organization so you can concentrate on what you do best.


About Our Firm

As a healthcare marketing firm, we create teams of senior-level marketing professionals tailored to each client’s financial and marketing needs. By bringing marketing expertise into the business conversation, we help clients unlock the power of expert marketing to help them meet their goals quickly. Founder and principal Cathy Rubino Hines brings 20 years of experience and a sixth sense for the culture and dynamic of every client. She’ll help you respond to rapidly changing market conditions affected by an array of challenges. Mergers. Controversies. Public relations crises. Public health crises. Abrupt leadership changes. Board communications. The list goes on.

Contact Us

Get In Touch

Great things begin with good conversations. Let’s talk. When you reach out, you’ll connect directly with Cathy Rubino Hines, who is eager to hear your story. She has the drive to help you tackle even the most challenging circumstances. In her, you’ll find a partner who can hit the ground running and contribute quickly. And, of course, there’s no charge for this. 

Call Cathy at 585-216-5766


Our proven process leads to better problem solving. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say.

“Cathy has taken the time to learn about our organizational culture and norms before embarking on her marketing work with us. I would highly recommend her.”

“Her work speaks for itself. She is an important part of our team, particularly with the opening of our new health centers and other new endeavors. Her approach to the work that she has done on our behalf has always been very thoughtful. She has taken the time to listen to our team to understand our needs and create an outstanding marketing campaign. ”

– Mary Zelazny, CEO, Finger Lakes Community Health

“Today, the fruits of our labor are being realized and the United Helper’s team is grateful to Cathy, Glenn, and the rest of the Marketing Collaborative team for showing us the way.”

“United Helpers knew that we needed to create an identity and brand voice that was as unique as we are. Thanks to Cathy and her team, that’s exactly what we accomplished. From discovery to brand launch, Cathy and Glenn Clark of Crafting a Brand guided us on a journey that involved a complete redesign of all of our marketing materials – logos, TV and radio commercials, brochures, print ads, and more.”

– Cinnamon Alberto, Director of Marketing & Communications at United Helpers (Skilled Nursing, Senior Living, Behavioral Health)

Marketing Planning

Our programs include branding initiatives, re-naming, marketing communications planning, communications audits and competitive analysis, advertising, recruitment marketing, direct marketing, referral marketing, website development, digital marketing and social media, event marketing, and public relations.

Brand Workshops

Our interactive Brand Workshop series offers you a way to rapidly get things on the right track. These workshops will help you dig deeper into the emotional and rational motives of your audience’s decision making. We’ll host your senior leadership and provide live, direct access to key members of our marketing team. And before the series begins, we’ll conduct confidential interviews with your target audience to bring fresh insight to the table.

Case Studies

From renaming and rebranding to laser-focused, media-savvy campaigns, The Marketing Collaborative has helped dozens of healthcare organizations address their greatest challenges and move forward successfully. Read some of their stories—and see the results of our work—right here.

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