Marketing Services

1. Jumpstart your marketing effort with a Brand Workshop

A Brand Workshop is a great way to get insight quickly. It allows you to get more consistent, more effective marketing communications programs, going beyond the service itself to understanding the emotional and rational reasons behind the decision to buy. This could include senior leadership in a series of interactive workshops with our marketing team and confidential interviews with appropriate audiences.

Build the right foundation with a sound Value Proposition

Creating or refreshing your brand starts with your value proposition: what are you best at, for whom, and why? It answers the question: what specific segment of the overall market do you serve best? What is your point of difference that can be leveraged in the market? The value proposition serves as the foundation that drives all communications moving forward. We also dig into your brand personality — how would you define it? What is your brand voice?

Lay the groundwork for success with Marketing Planning

Our strategic process incorporates analytics, market research including singular and group interviews, and competitive analysis. We dig in to understand your business and the hurdles you need to overcome to be successful.

Study the landscape with a Competitive Analysis and Brand Audit

Start by looking at the obvious competition with a fresh perspective. What are their key messages? How do their offerings compare to yours? Having confidential conversations with recent and prospective customers, often produce much insight. Also, understanding that “doing nothing” is often an option that healthcare consumers choose. Finding out why can be gold.

2. Tactical Execution

Take your message to your audience through Advertising

So many options make it even more important to have skilled media buyers evaluate whether digital or traditional advertising makes sense. Often it’s a combination of those depending on budgets and target audiences.

Generate leads through direct and email marketing

Reach a key audience through Physician Outreach

Referrals from providers and their staff are essential to your healthcare organization, an outreach program can have a dramatic impact.

Build powerful word-of-mouth through Referral Marketing for Senior Living

Proven techniques to influence healthcare referrals and track results.

Attract top talent through Recruitment Marketing

Lack of staff and providers is one of the biggest problems healthcare organizations face. Thinking out of the box is a must. We tend to leverage the latest marketing tools to enhance your recruitment efforts.

Grow excitement for your brand through Promotions and Event Marketing

Whether through contests, drawings, or special events such as educational seminars or guided tours, promotions and events can help create buzz for your brand.

Gain an edge through Sales support

When selling a product or service, it’s often the details that make the difference. Understanding the sales process, the sales touch points, allows us to help close the sale.

Manage your reputation through Public Relations

Getting your articles placed in print and attracting the media to your events takes careful planning and relationships. We have processes in place that makes our public relations programs successful.

Benefit through authorship through ghostwritten articles and content

Do you cringe when asked to write an article for social or traditional media? You wouldn’t be the first. We have a proven process for ghostwriting healthcare articles, blogs, and content so you don’t have to. Twenty minutes of your time can turn into valuable content.

Cultivate confidence with your website

Websites are one of the most important marketing tools in your toolbox. Ensuring that it complements your brand and has content that helps distinguish your business from others, is key. We will analyze your current website and develop a navigation scheme that takes the “buyers” through to the information that’s important to them and motivates them to take action — whether that’s making a phone call or inquiring through a Contact Us form.

Reach people where they are through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to target you audience with messages that are specific to them. Again there are many options and having professionals analyze the options imakes all the difference. Also, trracking the results as we did with Whitney Young, helps to figure out what has been successful and where to invest for your next campaign.

Show your human side through Social Media

Needless to say, social media is not to be overlooked but where do you put your time and effort? Where are your customers? We are proficient with all platforms. Whether you need your LinkedIn profiles updated or to create better content for social media, we’re able to do all of that.

Sharpen your identity through Naming, Logo, and Identity Systems

Should you change your name or not? Do you need help making that change so that all constituents understand the name and why it was changed? We have plenty of experience developing names for new organizations or changing existing ones.

Get the word out through traditional Print Media

Marketing support materials including brochures, admissions materials,  directories, flyers, etc.

A La Carte Services

For times when you have a specific job you need to be done with outside expertise, we can quickly get up to speed and fill the need.

Communications/Brand Audit

While an Audit is often part of our preliminary planning process in projects of larger scope, sometimes it can be valuable as a standalone service. For instance, clients may have an internal team looking for that initial insight to get them started. When we conduct a Communications/Brand Audit, the steps include:

  • Discuss with key internal audiences their vision and goals for the future of the organization
  • Evaluation of your marketing initiatives undertaken in the past 12-18 months along with results
  • Identify key messages and brand personality conveyed in these programs
  • Competitive analysis: understand how your brand stacks up against others
  • Identify best practices and how they can be utilized to your benefit
  • Outcome: a report that analyzes what you’ve accomplished and initial recommendations for a more effective marketing approach.

Project-based solutions

When the Marketing Collaborative is hired on a project basis it is to address specific marketing problems that need an immediate solution or an event that needs support. We take a strategic approach no matter the size of the project. This engagement begins with the development of a Marketing Brief:

  1. Description of project/problem/market situation
  2. Marketing and communications objectives
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Target audiences, their current, and desired mindsets
  5. Key messages
  6. Recommendations for tactics and budget

The information for the Marketing Brief is gathered from conversations with internal stakeholders, a review of available research, and a competitive analysis. It’s a shortened strategic process but a necessary one to produce an effective program. The Marketing Brief is reviewed and agreed upon prior to the development of the creative.

Healthcare marketing has many nuances and it’s important that the consultant you hire has a deep understanding of that and your unique situation. With that in mind, we place great importance on communication and collaboration with you, our clients.

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