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Marketing Planning & Brand Building

Every marketing effort needs a strong foundation. Our process begins with conversations about your organization; its goals and vision – what do you need to achieve now? Where will you be five or ten years from now? How will you get there? Those talks lead to discussions about your target audiences.

In healthcare, how are you going to build patient volume or attract more residents to your senior living facility (which is more challenging since the pandemic)? Are there new markets available to you? Or are there audiences that simply don’t know about your new solution? What misperceptions do you need to overcome? How do you educate your patients on the latest healthcare information such as Covid, the importance of vaccinations, diabetes, and so much more.

As part of the Marketing Collaborative process, we gather information from the following audiences based on the challenge ahead:

  • Interviews with key internal stakeholders
  • Interviews with your target audiences: both key influencers, referrers, and consumers
  • Focus groups, online or quantitative research when needed
  • After this phase and a look at the competition, a short-term plan can be created

01 Competitive Analysis and Perceptual Map. After analyzing the competition and the needs of your prospective customers, a perceptual map is created. The axis represents the customer perspective, and we map where you currently are in relation to your competition and where you want to be.

02 Value Proposition or Brand Promise. After the interviewing or research phase of the Marketing Plan, we have the insight to create a succinct Value Proposition or Brand Promise — it answers the questions: what are you good at, for whom, and why? Simple questions, but the answers need to be thoughtful. It’s hard to be all things to all people, and certainly, no company has enough money to spray the market with messaging. That’s where a Value Proposition, much like a mission or vision statement, will be very helpful to keep your program focused.

03 Marketing Plan. This is where it all comes together. The Marketing Plan is your blueprint for the next twelve months. In addition to the market situation, target audiences, value proposition, it also includes the strategies and tactics that help you attain your goals. And the financial resources needed to do so.

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