Han-Tek Integrated Handling Systems
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Han-Tek Integrated Handling Systems

Han-Tek Integrated Handling Systems

Han-Tek Integrated Handling Systems was experiencing the downturn in the economy and the shutter of many manufacturing companies in the North East where they did business. Furthermore, competition for those remaining companies was strong. In previous years they had relied on their exisiting relationships, now they realized they needed to reach out to new markets, in new areas of the country. In order to do that, they needed a marketing strategy to help build their business.

The challenges:

  • Lack of awareness of Han-Tek and its services, created a void right here in their own backyard. We would need to disrupt competitors’ relationships in local and regional markets to gain market share.
  • How to position Han-Tek in a competitive and crowded market. Their brand identity didn’t reflect the current culture and personality of the company, nor what customers valued.
  • With the purchase of a company in N.C. where manufacturing is exploding, we were challenged with integrating the PowerLab and Han-Tek brands and customers to form a powerful brand identity and marketing initiative.


Target audiences – Fortune 500 Manufacturing Companies

  • Chief Engineering Manager, upper level Engineering Management
  • Plant Manager, Maintenance Engineer
  • Some large companies have Engineering Committees that influence the decision.

The solutions:

  • The Marketing Collaborative interviewed many customers and staff to find Han-Tek’s unique value proposition so that it could be integrated in all marketing communications.

In confidential interviews, customers repeated told us that they turn to Han-Tek when they have tough problems to solve. Technical expertise is table stakes but their ability to understand complex problems and develop unique solutions was extremely important to them. Every minute a manufacturing line is down hurts the bottom line of that company. Uptime is critical and Han-Tek’s solutions helped increase uptime and improve productivity.

  • Creation of a new logo, positioning line, and descriptor for the name Han-Tek. They would now be referred to as Han-Tek Integrated Handling Systems. Their positioning line: Ingenuity in motion
  • Updating all sales and marketing materials to reposition themselves in face-to-face sales situations.
  • Given their limited budget, we chose to develop new relationships with email marketing and LinkedIn as their primary tools.
  • Publicity locally and regionally to highlight successful implementation such as with Boeing.
  • In addition, we enhanced key managers’ LinkedIn profiles and reached out to decision makers through this online tool. Connecting, messaging, and making appointments



With over 80% of buying decisions starting on the Internet, they needed to update their website and develop content that spoke to their audiences. The focus was on case histories that mirrored their key industries. Those case histories were the basis of an email marketing campaign to their current email list and targeted purchased lists.

  • The Email campaign with new website yielded new prospects, contacts, and new business.
  • Open rates on our email campaign ranged from 7% with purchased lists to 33% with in-house lists. The more specific we were – problem/solution – the higher the interest in our email campaigns.
  • New marketing materials, brochures, presentations helped connect sales people to their customers and re-position Han-Tek as a leader in integrated handling systems.
  • Placement of stories in the Rochester Business Journal and media in North and South Carolina with the opening of the new office there.
  • New business – relationships began due to the website case histories. Prospects called to inquire!